mercoledì 17 aprile 2013

daniel lichtenstein

Ultrasounds (echography) are being used in medicine for about 30 years as an important diagnostic tool. 

Lungs have been traditionally considered not suitable for echo scanning, because their air content hinder ultrasound propagation. 

My friend Daniel Lichtenstein should be awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his important  discoveries in lung ultrasound. 

After his pioneering work many lives can now be saved in emergency medicine in patients with acute respiratory failure without using potentially harmful  radiation. 

in these  shots you can see Daniel  featuring at one of his workshops around the world, teaching this new technique and posing with me.
I'm very grateful to him and proud to have been  one of his pupils.


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  1. Bella immagine. Non si puo' non aprezzare quello che ha fatto il tuo amico. Capisco l'importanza della sua scoperta.